How much does it cost to take the State test to become a Certified Evaluated Nursing Assistant (CENA) ?

The State test is administered by Prometric and the cost of the exam is $125. The testing fee is paid directly to Prometric at the time of application submission.

​Is there any assistance to help pay for your course?

​We have a loan program with low monthly payments.  We accept DHS, MI Works Vouchers and letters of sponsorship from numerous employers.  We accept certified/personal checks, money order, visa, master card, discover, debit and cash.  If you do not see a payment source listed call and speak with our office staff to see if we can assist you.

Free tuition is provided on a limited basis to those who qualify.  This is for the NMCF only.  If you are interested contact Stephanie Sharp at Newaygo Medical Care Facility for further details.

​​What is the tuition reimbursement law?

​When can I take the State test?

​Is the cost of the State test included with tuition?

What is on the State test?

Where can I take the State test?

When can I start applying for a Job?

​Why is your program not free?

What is the difference between your program and the longer programs?

​Is there homework to do?

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