What is a CNA?

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​Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are an integral part of the healthcare team, they work in long-term care facilities, hospice care, home care, Doctor offices, assisted living and hospitals.  They provide direct patient care and spend the most time assisting the consumers that utilize the services of the healthcare provider.  

CNAs' are taught basic nursing skills to assist the healthcare professional.  These include communication skills, infection control, resident's rights, medical terminology, basic anatomy and physiology, first aid, common chronic illnesses, safety and emergency procedures, behavior disorders, ADL's, charting and many more.  

Nursing assistants' are often provided advanced training to further assist with acute care.  CNA's are in high demand and have a myriad of career opportunities as well as excellent benefits as they begin working in the healthcare field. 

The average starting wage for a CNA is $13.83 per hr. and is expected to increase to $15.00 per hr. within 2 years.  Experienced CNAs' working in hospice care earn on average of $16-$18. per hour.  In most long-term care settings, the benefit packages include low cost health insurance, dental, vision, 3 weeks paid time off, tuition reimbursement, retirement plan and more.

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